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Satellite TV on Your Boat

raymarineToday it was reported at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show that Raymarine Inc.,  a provider of marine electronics, introduced a new line of satellite television antennas.  The 33STV is the latest in their line which features a better performing 13 inch satellite dish inside a compact 14″ radome.  It weighs less than ten pounds so it is very space efficient.

Raymarine is at the forefront in this market.  The new 33STV comes standard with the company’s new Multi-satellite Interface Module (MIM).  The module allows one to switch the system across three different broadcast satellites automatically.  It is comparative to channel surfing on a regular television.  The upgraded dish unit also runs faster and more efficiently than its predecessor.  The 33STV’s antenna control unit can connect with up to six different receivers on the boat via USB.

For 99% of us, we probably don’t own a boat as well as have the spending money to blow it on a television system.  But it is cool to think that you can get satellite television from a provider other than DISH Network or DirecTV.  The system is compatible with the two providers so if you have an account with them, you are able to use it for the Raymarine product.  I suppose it is feasible you could set this up in your house instead of getting a dish.  The white dome does look a little sleeker as well as being easier on the eye.  What a day you could have–go out and fish while watching the big NFL game on your boat in HD.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

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