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Satellite TV PC

It’s amazing how much technology has advanced over the years, and I often wonder what’s next. While I don’t keep up with all the advances related to technology, I do keep up with a few things, and one of those things seems to be a growing trend. What is that trend that seems to be growing? Satellite TV PC, of course. Satellite TV PC allows you to watch movies, television shows and live TV on the Internet. And like many of you, I enjoy a good movie or television show on occasion, but paying over $50.00 a month to enjoy hundreds of channels on my TV can put a hurt on the wallet. With that said, I discovered an alternative that will let me pay a one-time fee to watch all the movies and television shows I desire — straight from my PC.

During my quest for satellite TV PC providers, I came across two companies who claim to offer over 1,000 live TV channels for a one-time fee of less than $60.00. Think about it for a minute, DISH Network, Direct TV, local cable providers and many others offer some of the same channels, but with them, you have to pay a monthly fee. Now, if you were to switch over to satellite TV PC, you’d only have to pay a one-time fee of no more than $60.00. Furthermore, if you have the right PC, television and cables, you can watch the channels from your satellite TV PC provider on your television as well.

The two satellite TV PC providers I discovered are My New Satellite TV and DTV4PC. Both providers offer over 1,000 live TV channels at different prices, and while DTV4PC is cheaper than My New Satellite TV, I’d prefer to choose the provider who could offer me more for my money. Therefore, to help me make my selection, I compared what they had to offer.

After reviewing and comparing each satellite TV PC provider, I would choose My New Satellite TV over DTV4PC. Although DTV4PC is the least expensive, My New Satellite TV offers more channels and gives me the option to install their software on up to 5 PCs in my home. DTV4PC will only let me install their software on one additional PC in my home, and they offer fewer channels than My New Satellite TV. Of course this is to be expected with DTV4PC since they cost less, but I’d rather pay a few dollars more for more channels and options, wouldn’t you agree?

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