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Satellite TV Providers

Have you noticed that you can’t get any good deals with your cable company? Are you spending too much money, and not getting the channels that you want. You want sports and movies, but instead you’re getting Masterpiece Theater and the local band competition. It’s time to make a change. You have two viable options to get satellite television in your home, and they are both offering deals. The time is now to make the switch.

DISH Network

If you have never been a DISH Network customer before, and if you are willing to make a twenty-four month commitment, you can get three months of free programming available to you when you sign up for the service. Also, those who love movies can take advantage of five premium movie channels for a year for one penny.

DISH Network is the leader in DVR packages, with affordable deals that come with DVRs for two rooms along with either one hundred or two hundred channels. You can add premium movie channels to fill out your package, or go through the process and find a package that is tailored to your viewing habits.

Besides the satellite TV specials, DISH Network is also beginning to incorporate WiMax with its partner Clearwire. Right now, the WiMax service is only available on the coast, but they are currently working on more cell phone towers state to state.

WiMax is a great service for many reasons. Basically, Clearwire is taking cell phone towers and reconstructing them to broadcast a wireless signal. That means that when the WiMax service comes to your state, you can get wireless internet wherever you travel, through DISH Network.

Both providers also offer satellite music channels, so you can stay up with the latest in music. Also, the providers have different features that are unique to them.

There are wars going on between the satellite companies. They are trying to get all of the customers they can, and you can take advantage of that competition by getting great deals. Browse around and find the perfect package. With satellite TV, you can get more channels and spend less money.


If you choose DirecTV, you can get a package for as little as $29.99 a month for forty-five channels. You can get a package that has as many as 265 channels, or almost anywhere in between. Also, they are offering four free months of programming when you sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

If you have a HDTV, you might want to consider using this satellite provider. DirecTV is a leader in HD programming. On August 14th, the provider will launch thirty new HD channels, which will bring the total up to 130 HD channels. You can also get all of the sports and movies that you want to watch.

DirecTV will also give you a one time bill credit if you are willing to aid the company in helping the environment. All that you have to in order to get the bill credit is sign up for paperless billing, auto pay and email updates. You will then receive your credit and help the environment along the way.

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