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Scrubs: Eight Season Finale

Scrubs is everything I like in a hospital drama: it’s serious, in a round about way but at the same time, it really shows you how to laugh. 

I mean, seriously. How many shows combine really serious issues, like death and dying and terminal illness, but at the same time, keep you laughing? 

I didn’t think so. 

But Scrubs does. It surely isn’t easy, though they make it look so. And the eight season finale will not be any different. The buzz around town is that this may be it for our beloved series, as Zach Braff has already stated that this will be his last season with the series and the creator has mentioned that without Braff, the show will undoubtedly be much different, and it may even need a new name. As of right now, it’s still hush hush whether fans will see a season nine. 

So what’s in store for the season finale? It’s rumored that the finale will include over fifty previous guest stars from seasons prior. Fifty! That’s a lot of guest stars, people.  Some of the guest stars include: Aloma Wright as Nurse Roberts, Robert Maschio as Todd, Sam Lloyd as Ted, Christa Miller as Jordan, Travis Schuldt as Keith, Eliza Coupe as Denise, Sonal Shah as Sunny, Colin Hay as himself, Amy Smart as Jamie, and many, many (MANY!) more.

The episode will leave JD wondering what is in store for his future as he enters his final day at Sacred Heart. Elliot may possibly try to take things to the next step with JD. And good old Janitor? We may even learn his name before the episode is over. Note that I said, may. 

So fans, what will we do with no Scrubs? Rumored that even without Scrubs, many of the cast members will receive their own spinoff series, but we all know the success rate with that idea (Hello, producers! Does anyone remember Phoebe? Despite her huge following with Friends, her own show just didn’t fly). 

So will this be “My Finale”? Or “THE” Finale? Let’s find out on Wednesday, Scrubs fans. The finale will air Wednesday at 8PM/7PM CST.

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