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Scrubs is Still Funny

Of all the shows that will be returning this year, I have to say I’m most excited for Scrubs. Given the return of some other great shows like Damages and Battlestar Galactica, this is no small feat (well to me, so I may not have the best judgment). There is nothing I hate more than having a show that I like canceled before it gets the chance to wrap up all of the character and stories. Not ever knowing how the series should end drives me up a wall, so I was happy that Scrubs got it’s final season, even if it’s on another network.

Show creator Bill Lawrence and of course the beloved by all Zach Braff have stated that they’re through after this season, but that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have some sort of future in another form (to me it may as well end, but some have indicated they’d like to see it continue, Braff or no Braff).

Much of the cast in fact will be gone after this season, so resurrecting the show with a totally new cast will likely alienate a number of fans. Of course I’d guess that Scrubs will keep it’s up beat episodic content on it’s upcoming back to back episodes. Many were a bit disappointed with season seven and thought the show had run it’s course, but some more guest stars like Courtney Cox and a slew of new interns will likely help spice things up a bit.

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