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Scrubs Season 8

Scrubs was one of the shows that seemed destined to failure as soon as it began. A spoof of booming hospital dramas that took place inside a hospital and attempted humor in an environment of horrible injuries and illnesses was, at first glance, a little far fetched. Yet despite so-so ratings the show has a loyal following and has continued on for seven seasons thus far and, it appears, will finish up with season 8. That isn’t to say the transition to a final season hasn’t been without drama, though.

The last two seasons of the show were very close to not being filmed at all. NBC apparently decided to end the series at seven, with a final episode taking place in a fairy-tale world that spun a funny but hardly an ending tale. Fans were angry that the show didn’t get a proper send off and, as a result, it looks like the final season will take place over at ABC. The season finale finished up filming a few weeks ago.

We’ll see a pretty wide range of guest stars that played an important part over the show’s lifetime. These include Tom Cavanagh, Amy Smart, and Nicole Sullivan as well as Scott Foley. Two of the actors that wanted to appear in the final season, Heroes Masi Oka and Chuck’s Sarah Lancaster, were blocked by NBC, who are very bitter that ABC was able to pick up the show after NBC had market season’s seven’s last episode as the be-all end all of the series.

There are even rumors that the show could go beyond season eight, albeit with a very different story. A variety of the shows cast have said that season eight will be their last hurrah, and even show creator Bill Lawrence has stated he’d like to move on, too. Despite this season eight is expected to introduce a variety of new intern characters..possibly setting the show up for a ninth season with a very different cast.. a risky move for loyal viewers who have become accustomed to familiar faces.

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