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Season 3 Charm School Finale

charmschoolIt’s down to the final three and only one can walk away a winner of Charm School and be completely charmed and well mannered. Well, to the best of Ricki Lake’s ability anyway.

So who is it going to be?

Is it going to be Ashley, the bad ass stripper from Vegas who says that she has to strip because she has no other options to support her son? She’s sassy, sexy, and blonde and yes, she loves to party. But has Ashley really made a huge change throughout the season of Charm School? She seems to be a bit more refined at times, but she’s even proclaimed that if she loses, it’s back to the pole for her.

Or what about Marcia? She’s pledged that she will not take a drink of alcohol for her duration at Charm School, but has also said that once she gets her drinking under control, she’s likely to have a drink again here and there. But has Marcia really changed her ways? Or is she trying to tell the judges just what they want to hear?

Finally, there’s Risky. Out of everyone, the judges biggest complaint is that Risky doesn’t quite open up. But she’s charming, she’s caring, and devoted. Hell, she even said that despite the fact that she worked her tush off for a day in New Orleans, she wouldn’t go home if she had a chance to rest, she wanted to continue to volunteer.

Out of everyone, I can definitely see the most improvement in Risky. She seems to be a really different person, well mannered and just a big selfless now. But you never know. Judges on the show have been known to become a bit swayed by a really good letter.

So we will see. Charm School Season 3 finale airs on VH1 tonight. Check it out and weigh in on what you think about the winner!

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