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Season 7 of What Not to Wear Premiere

 Stacy and Clinton are back, and that may or may not frighten those of you who are less than fashionably inclined. 

Have you had a chance to catch an episode of “What Not to Wear?” It’s pretty funny, actually. See, unknowing to them, random people who seem to lack fashion sense are recorded by their friends and family, and submitted to the show. From there, Stacy and Clinton head to accost them in the total privacy of all their friends and family (oh! and network television viewers). 

Okay, so it’s not too bad. After all, you agree to their terms and they give you fashion advice, a make over, and $5000 to spend on a new wardrobe. Hey, I wish someone would send me in! 

Here’s what I found about the upcoming season premiere:

“TLC fan-favorite WHAT NOT TO WEAR returns with a brand new season and a very special season opener. In the series’ first episode to feature a celebrity and after numerous “Blossom” references over the course of several seasons, Stacy and Clinton finally take matters into their own hands and nominate actress Mayim Bialik.

Mayim, now a mother of two, admits she is in desperate need of a makeover and welcomes Stacy and Clinton’s expertise as they try and help transform her style from quirky/hippy and uber casual to chic mom-on-the-go. Viewers will take part in Mayim’s journey as she is thrown into an emotional and physical transformation and learns she can still be true to herself with a new, more mature look after ditching her Blossom-reminiscent rags.

Ever wonder what you could actually buy with $5,000? Season seven includes a new portion of the show that breaks down exactly what each contributor was able to purchase with their shopping card. Additionally, Stacy and Clinton will visit brand new cities including Detroit and Denver, and will conduct some of their infamous “ambushes” like never before as they surprise their fashionably challenged nominees during live TV and radio hits.

And in true TLC fashion, viewers will see the highs and lows of these experiences as Season seven proves that there isn’t always a happy ending when one of the contributors has an emotional breakdown over her new haircut. The series will also reach a major milestone during this season, marking its 250th episode.”

I can’t wait to check it out! I was a huge Blossom fan and hey, bringing the two together? Count me in! Watch it with me on Friday night on TLC.

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