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Season Finale of “16 & Pregnant”

Did you have an opportunity to catch the season finale of “16  & Pregnant” on MTV? If not, it was one of the most interesting yet… heart touching episodes I’ve ever seen.

Spoilers I read on the web claimed the two teens featured in the season finale were actually step brother and sister. Don’t quote me on that. If so, that’s… interesting. Strangely incestual but interesting.

This couple seemed so level headed in some ways and really just in tune to how hard it is to raise a child happily and successfully. When the boy told his father that you cannot raise a baby on love, it was so absolutely true and it really spoke to my heart about how much of a big step they realized they were taking.

They definitely did not take their decision to keep the child or place the child for adoption lightly and that was so respectable. I was wondering when MTV was going to do something a little different than these BS “happy” endings, in which the moody teen sobs about how hard parenting is and blah blah. Did you think it was going to be sunshine and rainbows? Parenting is hard stuff, kids. Even when you are grown, married, living happily on your salaries.

In the end, the parents decided to place their child for adoption. There was a scene, when they are sitting on the bed, holding their child and crying. I’ve not seen such a touching moment on MTV since TRL went off the air.

MTV has renewed the show 16 & Pregnant for a second season.

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