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Season Finale of Cake Boss

Tonight on the season finale of Cake Boss, “Fireworks, Falling Fondant, & Fathers”, Buddy and the Cake Boss crew made a spectacular cake, the crew had some fun with fireworks, and Buddy paid tribute to fathers. Truly, it was amazing.

The client tonight was the Grucci family. Their fireworks company has put on spectacular displays for major New York holidays and events. They wanted a cake for the celebration of their late father’s birthday, and hoped it would include some of the monuments they’ve lit up with fireworks in their business’s lengthy career.

Buddy was excited about creating a cake that the Gruccis would later add pyrotechnics to. Having recently honored his own father with a celebration, Buddy was happy to help another family remember where they came from and rejoice in their family success. Buddy came up with a cake of a miniature New York City, with the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State building, and even Carlo’s Bakery.

As they began work, Buddy decided he wanted to see how the cake would react to fireworks. They sent Frankie off for a sparkler and then Buddy set it up in the cake.

Cake Boss went through a short montage of the highlights of the past season, with the incredible cake creations and occasioinal mishaps that come out of Carlo’s family bakery. It’s been a fun and exciting journey with Buddy and the Cake Boss crew. I know I’m personally interested in checking out a new season of Cake Boss.

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One Response to “Season Finale of Cake Boss”
marie santiago - September 9th, 2009 at 11:44 pm

never miss cake boss,is the BEST CREW MEMBERS TV SHOW, that I saw in my life CONGRATULATION GUYS,YOU ARE THE BEST…!!! “nobody compare you”Iwill like to work with people’s like you.thanks for all your time like a family that your spend together.on today’s days no family supports their owens family like you do. wow!!! that mayme field that there’s its a hope in the world “not everything its lost”.I give you 100 % plus.I can’t wait to watch the next season.GOOD LUCK.GOD’S BLESS YOU FAMILY.

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