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Season Premiere: The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Here’s my secret confession: I used to be a horrible cook. I’m talking, I could probably burn boiling water. I’ve ruined noodles. Heck, ask my kids and they just might say that I’ve even made cereal taste nasty. (Okay, just kidding on that one. Even I can’t mess cereal up, and hey! If so, my 4 year old doesn’t pay much attention to the state of his cereal.)

But then, something happened.

I successfully picked up a recipe and I didn’t burn anything. I followed the instructions! I measured out ingredients. No one died! Of course, at this moment in time, it was only macaroni and cheese of the Kraft variety, but hey! Little steps here, people.

Sometime between now and then, I’ve blossomed into what I’d like to think of as an amazing cook.

Okay, so what’s my point? I mean, after all, TELEVISION blog, am I right?

I’m just leading into the fact that I’ve become hopelessly addicted to The Food Network. I turn on the channel and I’m just drowning in my saliva. It seems like there is nothing I haven’t seen on the food network that I would absolutely devour. I mean, things that I’ve once tried before and the mere thought of eating it would previously make me want to gag can actually make me salivate.

That right there is why I’m excited to check out “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. It’s going to be a simple compilation show on The Food Network, in which all of the Food Network stars are going to talk about what they love to eat and what they eat when they aren’t the ones preparing the meal.

It seems very interesting to me and it will be nice to see what the stars eat when they are at home, just like us “normal” people.

On a side note – If your looking for a site that has great cooking recipes and home entertaining info, I highly recommend checking out

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