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Selena Gomez Talks Miley Cyrus and the End of Hannah Montana

Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez has suggested that Miley Cyrus is ready to move on from Hannah Montana.

A representative for Disney confirmed that it is scheduled to shoot the fourth and final season, which began January 18.

“You never know in this business… but right now we’re scheduled to wrap [forever] after shooting this new batch of episodes,” said Adam Bonnett, the channel’s senior vice-president of programming.

“I think that she’s growing with the show, and I think it’s such a great platform for her,” Gomez told MTV News, adding that she has yet to talk to Cyrus about her post-Hannah Montana plans. “And she’s lived up to it as wonderfully as she could, and I think she continues to carry it, but she’s ready for other things.”

When asked if she had talked to Cyrus about the decision, she said: “No I didn’t, but I’m sure she’s feeling well about it.”

Cyrus, 17, spoke to E!‘s Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards and said, “It’s really cool the way we’re doing it.

“It’s not like shows that end and you see reruns over and over. We’re giving it a definite ending because it deserves it.”

When asked if she was sad about leaving the character, she replied: “Yeah. Everyday I come to work we’ll get frustrated and like, ‘Is this right? Is this how we want to end it? What do we want to do?’.

“We’re like, ‘Let’s make the best decision we can as a family’. It’s so important, those last few times together, to make it the most important time, spend it with each other and love on each other.”

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One Response to “Selena Gomez Talks Miley Cyrus and the End of Hannah Montana”
Kyle Webs - February 21st, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Sel seems like a nice girl, but it’s sort of obvious Miley needs to move on rather than staying with Disney and keep getting so much crap for when her photos get leaked. lol

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