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Series Premiere of Survive This

Discovery Channel is taking the Survivorman and putting him into a new role: mentor and guide for teenagers.

Whatever do you mean, you might be asking? Well, Discovery is introducing a new show, called SURVIVE THIS, in which a group of kids are placed into the wilderness with Survivorman and the lack of electronics (How will they ever survive?) and they will have to face the challenges that living in the outdoors poses. Unlike a typical competitive reality series, no one is eliminated from this one, but the kids can drop out at any time.

“Bringing more than two decades of wilderness experience to the series, Les acts as a mentor and judge to eight teens embarking on a tough wilderness adventure that ultimately encourages them to challenge themselves and test their capabilities,” said Jocelyn Hamilton, Vice President, Programming and Production, Corus Kids. “With some teens more equipped than others to handle the obstacles, the series makes for compelling television. It’s impossible not to get drawn in, to find out which of these teens has what it takes to make it all the way to the final one-hour episode.”

It sounds like it will definitely be an interesting series and one that is unlike most reality series. Perhaps it will show kids that hey– electronics and technology are great but not necessary! You can survive without them.

The group of teens that have signed up for this adventure includes 16 year-old Jennifer, a.k.a. The Hunter, known amongst the group for her outdoor experience; Becca, a 17 year-old who gives new meaning to the word princess; the artistic 17 year-old Becky a.k.a. BT; 17 year-old tough girl Catarina; competitive Kareem at 16-years old; 16 year-old city slicker Holden; 15-year old Adam who is terrified of bugs and venomous snakes; and lastly the youngest of the group at 14 years-old, over-achiever Zac.

Check it out and let me know what you think about the show!

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