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Sheryl Crowe Guest Stars On Cougar Town Tonight

Grammy winner Sheryl Crow is making a special guest appearance on Cougar Town tonight and it might mean trouble for Grayson and Jules.

“Sheryl Crow is my girlfriend for a few episodes and we do a duet,” Josh Hopkins, who plays Grayson Ellis, said. They even jam on the guitar together.

“She plays a wine vendor who goes around selling wine to restaurants and bars,” Josh explains, “and if you’ve seen our show, there’s a lot of wine drinking, so it fits right in.”

Sheryl was a natural fit on the set since she is the real life BFF of the show’s star, Courteney Cox. And she might not be the only one of Courteney’s “friends” stopping by the show this season.

In fact, an entire Friends reunion is in the works, according to producer Kevin Biegel.

“I want to work my way through the whole cast of Friends. Why not? That’s such an easy get,” he tells us with a laugh. “Do Jennifer Aniston in the season premiere, Matthew Perry halfway through the season, and then get [Matt] LeBlanc way at the end of the year. And then bring [David] Schwimmer in as the brother in the end of the year.”

Of course, they already have one “friend” down, Lisa Kudrow guest starred earlier in the season.

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