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Should Jennifer Aniston Look For A New TV Gig?

Jennifer Aniston is returning to TV for one night only. Jen is scheduled to guest star on the season two premiere of her BFF Courteney Cox’s sitcom ‘Cougar Town.’

The guest stint comes on the heels of the release of her big screem rom-com ‘The Switch’, which most critics called “forgettable”. Ouch.

“I think we feel like Jen is one of our best friends and you don’t like to have a break from your best friend. You want them to come into your living room. I think America will embrace her when she rejoins Courteney Cox,” says Hollywood Life Magazine Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller.

Maybe a full time TV gig would be a good option for Jen, and help her find her way back to the top?

“TV is where all the best writing is right now because cable networks provide the ever-so-coveted creative freedom that creators crave. They don’t just need to produce huge blockbuster hits. As a result, TV actors don’t just get handed scripts for roles that have boring, general appeal. ‘The Switch’ is so milquetoast — most people probably forgot it came out this weekend,” says New York Daily News TV writer Cristina Kinon.

But what would be the best TV option for Jen? Something edgier, like Courteney Cox’s last series, ‘Dirt’, or something more along the lines of her most beloved role of Rachel Greene on ‘Friends’?

“She needs a show built around her that makes the best of her comedic talents. She needs a role that parodies her situation, so that it isn’t sad. I can see her as a Murphy Brown or a Mary Tyler Moore, a single woman taking the world by storm,” Fuller says.

“Aniston doesn’t need movie money. She needs industry respect. She can get that with the right show,” Kinon says.

What do you think? Would you like to see Jen return to TV?

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