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Shows To Watch in 2010

lostWith the new year fast approaching and November sweeps in the rear-view mirror, we can anticipate some old favorites coming back to us.  Many of them will feature big changes, both in staff and in character, with one of the best shows calling it quits.

First, the final season of Lost will start in early February.  The show has come such a long way and we’ve gone over six months without a new episode.  There are many different storylines that will be tied up.  The producers for the show have a very daunting task to suffice the views appetite as well as finish the series out with a bang.  With the flashbacks ending about a third of the way into the final season, each week’s episode is bound to feature crazy twists.

Next, I enjoy Chuck a lot.  While it’s more of a nerdy show, it is good for laughs as well as cheesy storylines.  It’s the classic boy is trying to get girl scenario with a Bond twist.  After an online petition saved the show, NBC is looking for something to hang their hat on.  And let’s not forget Yvonne Strahovski’s good looks.

24 is coming back but the loyalty is slowly dying out.  I’m excited for it but you can only play the Jack Bauer vs. the world card only so many times.  In this coming season, they’re featuring bigger names starring like Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prinze, Jr.  I’m sure that everyone will still watch the show, but the archetype of the country versus terrorism is getting old.  24 needs a new direction.  They’re trying it with stronger female characters like Agent Walker as well as a female president.  But I don’t think that this enough to stave off the inevitable.  I think 24 has this season and one more in them before its over.

While I’m not an avid watcher of the show, American Idol is set to return without Paula Abdul.  Taking her place will be Ellen DeGeneres.  While she might be less ditzy as Paula, I don’t know if Ellen has the credentials to be a judge.  I thought Kara DioGuardi did a good job and the fact that she is in the music business made me value her opinion even more.  But the change in judges won’t affect who wins.  The show is a popularity contest out of twenty or so people.  What Ellen or Simon says won’t and doesn’t matter.  America votes, and that’s if you believe the voting scheme isn’t a sham as well, for who they think is the best.

Lastly, Project Runway is set to come back after changing from Bravo to Lifetime.  Many things are set to change but one of the biggest will be that the show will be broadcast in HD.  In the fashion world, looks are everything and viewers will really be able to see in clear clarity what goes on in the fashion design world.

Just when you think your DVRs will get a rest during the winter months, think again.  There will be lots of prime time entertainment to enjoy in the cold, early sun-setting days.

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