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So You Think You Can Dance Remembers

8061thBIt’s been such a sad celebrity week, as we’ve watched the incredibly heartbreaking news break regarding Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance remembers someone who undoubtedly played a huge rol in the performance industry, and made such an impact on dance: Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself.

“”We will not see his like again,” says Nigel. “He changed the face of music and dance in the world, not just in this country.” Nigel talks about Michael Jackson’s “Black and White” video in which he incorporated all kinds of dance styles, like Indian, Russian, Native American. “This was a man who tried to bring the world of dance together,” says Nigel. He tells the audience that after Michael Jackson rocked everyone’s world with the moonwalk on that legendary Motown anniversary special, Michael got a congratulatory call from none other than Fred Astaire. He says he hopes people mourn for just a short while, as Michael’s was a life to celebrate and everyone applauds”

“This is a life that remains inspirational for anybody who listens to music, anybody who wants to dance. Everyone I think we’ve had on this show said, ‘I started dancing because of Michael Jackson.’ That is the legacy he leaves us.”

They then tuned in about 20 seconds of a clip of Thriller. I give them credit for trying, after all– his death had just been confirmed only about five hours prior to the show. So it happens.

In the end, we say goodbye to Jonathon and Asuka. It’s pretty fitting, as they weren’t the two I was exactly rooting for and I feel like their growth on the show had slowed to a grinding halt.

I wonder who will be next to go. Who is your favorite on the show? Who are you rooting for?

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