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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Finale

Sons of Anarchy has been action packed this season. Complete with drugs, shoot outs, gang rivalries, and some good, old fashioned daddy/son drama.

I cannot believe the season is finally coming to an end tonight and I’m definitely anxious to see if there will be an outcome to the Sons vs. the White Supremacists and Zorbel.

If you’ve never watched the show before, Jax Telleris a single father and finds his loyalty to his outlaw motorcycle club tested by his growing unease concerning the group’s lawlessness, which includes a thriving illegal arms business. He is the vice president of the club. His step father is the current president. Though they have been feuding for most of season 2, once Gemma confessed that she had been raped and beaten by Zorbel’s crew in an attempt to break down the Sons, they bounded back together, put their differences aside, and all have united to take them out.

I think that tonight, a lot of blood will be shed. I am hoping for a season finale with many closed ends, because I’m so impatient when we end on a cliffhanger. That said, I know that it’s an amazing ratings ploy to end leaving the viewer dying to know what is going to happen next.

Don’t forget to check out the season finale of Sons of Anarchy on FX tonight at 9PM.

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