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Sony PS3 Video Service Arriving This Summer

The Sony PS3 has a lot of features that have excited gamers. First of all, there are the amazing graphics. Then there is the Blue-ray Disc Player, which plays high definition videos. Now, PS3 owners have something else to get excited about. This summer, Sony is expected to launch a new video service that PS3 owners can use. There will be an amazing amount of benefits for PS3 users who take advantage of this service.

Download Movies

Currently, Sony is trying to get the rights for a wide variety of movies so they can distribute them through their service. The plan is to have an abundance of videos available for immediate download and viewing. On top of the movies that they are already working to get the rights to, Sony owns a vast library of titles. The movie selection should be tremendous.

Download Television Shows

Movies aren’t the only thing that the Sony PS3 video service will offer. Television shows will also be on the menu of choices. There should be a wide variety of offerings for all kind of viewers. There has been speculation that viewers will be able to access a menu of channels and browse through the channels to find shows they want to watch.

Easy to Use

For those who don’t like having to hook things up and spend a lot of time getting things started, the PS3 video service will be perfect. All that will be needed is a PS3, a television set, and an internet connection for the service to be accessible. A menu of options will appear which will be able to be sifted through so users can find exactly what they want to watch.


It has been stated that this is not all that will be available with the Sony PS3 download service. Right now, Sony is keeping the wraps on what all is to be expected, but users have been told that it will not be the same as the service that Xbox currently offers. In fact, Sony has led consumers to believe that it is going to be better. As it gets closer to its release, more details should come out.

The Sony PS3 download service will help Sony cement its place in the video game culture. With its Blue-ray Disc Player, great games, and upcoming download service, the PS3 will be so much more than just a game console. It will be an entertainment powerhouse.

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