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Spoilers Galore: Grey’s Anatomy, Leverage, and More

Hey, if you don’t want to be spoiled on upcoming season premieres…. go away! Now! What are you still reading for?

Okay, then… you must be ready to find out what’s happening in Grey’s Anatomy. I know I can’t wait to check out the season premiere next week.

Izzie is still struggling with her cancer throughout the beginning of the season. According to Ask Ausseilo, “In the season premiere, Bailey informs Iz she’s no longer a surgical patient but she is still a cancer patient, and insiders tell us that we’ll see Izzie spending a lot of time with a cancer support group.”

What’s that mean for Izzy Stevens and Alex? What’s going on with the newlyweds? Will Alex begin to resent the support that the group may be able to offer her that he is not?

So what about Leverage? Fans, don’t worry. The season three will be back in January 2010! And if you are really curious and just can’t satisfy that Leverage urge you are feeling, then check out the Twitter page of Timothy Hutton. Word on the streets is that there may even be a few pictures for you to check out.

During the last season of Biggest Loser, we heard Jillian talk about being slightly unhappy with the show and even some of it’s contestants. So was she in the talks of being replaced?

Here’s what Jillian had to say about that: “I may not be getting along with these contestants, or I might not be in love with them this season, but how is the show contributing to the betterment, to the health and the happiness of human beings on a global level? And that’s something that you don’t walk away from lightly. But you know, it was hard. I definitely struggled with it on a lot of different levels and then I was like, all right, you know, what is the lesson that this is bringing me? How can I grow from this? And I have. But I will tell you that I definitely think I am different. I won’t get all the way in, because getting all the way in you get too involved, and it’s just not healthy.”

It will definitely be interesting to see the new dynamic that Jillian will try to create with her team.

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