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Stargate Starpower?

Stargate was a moderately successful science fiction movie, and I found it pretty entertaining, even with some of the mediocre acting and campy dialog. All in all it was a worthy movie going experience, but I never thought it would spin off into a successful TV series. Stargate, thanks to the “Hey I know that guy!” star power of maguyver, managed to eek out a loyal fan base, and even spun off slightly less popular Stargate Atlantis. With the latest iteration of the series, can we expect something more?

Maybe, Maybe not, but it looks like Robert know..the guy from the Full Monty..will be a star on the show. He’ll be taking the lead role in Stargate Universe, the third series following the 1994 movie. The show will actually be premiering with a two-hour movie of it’s own come this summer.

Mark Stern, the head of Sci Fi’s original programming (I’d love that job!) had this to say about it:

“[Carlyle] brings a depth, intelligence and complexity to his roles, which will fit perfectly with the fresh, new reinvention of this franchise,”

It looks like it’ll need some depth too, since it’ll be a little more dramatic than it’s predecessors. It revolves around some soldiers and civilians who are forced through a stargate and then end up on some ancient ship in the far reaches of space. Needless to say this could be bad..

Carlyle will be a lovable character named Dr. David Rush, who’s aiming to discover the ship’s powers and abilities to save everyone. It’ll be Carlyle’s first series, although he has been on other TV shows and movies before, most recently with 24: Redemption.

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