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3 Ways to Watch Streaming TV

Do you ever wish you’d waited to watch Lost? Do you wish you’d let the seasons pile up, so you could sit and watch at your leisure? I do. Right now I feel like I’m in a long distance relationship. If only I’d nipped it in the bud and recognized that it wasn’t going to work out if the basic infrastructure of the relationship stood. I should’ve said “When you have time to be with me, I’ll be here, but I’m not going to wait with baited breath for these eight week trysts!” If only. So, by way of finding my center, I’m going to give you a few sites to visit for shows with full streaming seasons. The three used often enough to make it onto my bookmarks bar, in descending order:


1. Project- Free TV : Not a pretty site by any means, this is still the easiest to use, and most comprehensive of the bunch. Once you click into the “Tv-Shows” section, you’re greeted with a list of Upcoming New Episodes and Recently Aired new Episodes. If you keep up with certain shows on the network sites, a number of these will be useless, but for shows like Dexter, Weeds, Entourage, and Californication, this site is great. Once you click into a show you get a list of source links with a “Speed” rating that is pretty accurate. Most of the fast links go to a Megavideo user site, and the caching time is VERY good.


2.   tvshack: A little prettier than Project-FreeTv, and a little less user friendly, TV shack gives you a little bit of the old lists and ranking type stuff, with a list of top searches, top videos of the day, recommended content, and a list of top “Link Hunters”. Clearly a little more socially orients, it doesn’t really offer anything FreeTv doesn’t, and it’s more distracting.


3. Super stripped down, very easy to use, very very ugly. It’s got annoying ads, once you open a link it’s got a very simple page with a synopsis, genre, and actors list. Right below that is a list of links to sources. I don’t even look at this page unless the other two are down.


Clearly the top two are the best, and all of them serve up something in that they require no download. I’ve got two full seasons of Weeds to go, and a few shows in the docket suggested by good friends, hopefully these links and a little patience will tide me over until Lost comes and rears it’s pretty seductive head. 

One Response to “3 Ways to Watch Streaming TV”
Phil - December 3rd, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Great list, I think you overlooked one: which has 145+ shows- thats 85000 episodes and all shows have complete seasons- thats right, no missing episodes, no broken links, just a fast buffer free in browser player that lets you watch on iPhone, Mac and PC. Seriously this is the king of streaming TV service providers and it’s 100% ad free!
Check it out
and look at this huge showlist:

enjoy TV junkies!

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