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Super Bowl Commericals Online

So the Eagles lost to Arizona, prompting me to immediately give up any interest I had in regards to the Super Bowl (on principle, though it was a great game, go Steelers!), but that didn’t mean I couldn’t sit down and see what the world’s best marketers could come up with for commercials. Thankfully, after a few years of “meh,” I have to say I was pretty happy with the batch this year. Mostly since I’m a fan of slapstick comedy, and there were some choice ones. If you happen to miss the big game, though, there are still plenty of places where you can get a glimpse of this year’s super bowl commercials.

My personal favorite is Hulu, which will have the ads available and will also track viewer votes to see which is their all time favorite. NBC‘s site will have commercials on their site for viewing as well. I’d like to see the cast of Heroes sing along again, or the 3d clip for the upcoming episode of Chuck.

In unrelated Super Bowl news, I also caught the Wipeout Bowl, which has to be the most entertaining part of my evening besides the big game. I usually shy away from shows that go out of it’s way to humiliate people, but this is sort of an American Gladiator’s spoof that is worth watching, and some of the characters (Super Stew!) are hilarious. The new season of Wipeout shows up this summer, so keep your eyes open as the weather warms up.

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