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Superman Wants YOU!

supermanTo buy his comic.

It appears that despite this historic economic downturn that somewhere, someone still had money. It’s been hidden away for years, but it’s about to make a come back. That’s right, it’s the copy of the original “Superman and Friends” comic book will be put up for sale. I’m not a huge comic fan myself (though I am excited for Watchmen!), and this one is certainly too rich for my blood. The original comic is expected to fetch about $400,000. That’s for a few pages with some ink on them.

Everyone is going to have an opportunity to bid on the unrestored copy thanks to Comic Connect, who’s an online “liason” between comic book buyers and sellers. As you might expect, the owner has asked not to be identified, for fear that someone will probably just try to come and take it from him/her. Of the existing copies out there 80% have been restored in some way. This one, however, is untouched. One guy even wanted to trade in his Ferarri for the comic book.  What the…really?

So, if you’re a comic book fan and happen to have stupidly deep pockets, this may be one of the last chances you’ll get to obtain an “unrestored” holy grail, which was originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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