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Supernanny Season 6 Premiere

If you’ve ever had the experience of the screaming inconsolable child in the grocery store either as a patron or hey, as THAT mom– then undoubtedly, you’ve probably thought “oh my goodness, this kid is a brat!” Hey, it’s okay. I say it about my own two all the time! But rest assured. If you are the blessed parent of a brat, ABC is bringing Nanny Jo back to whip you (and your kids) into shape in no time.

“Jo Frost, an experienced nanny from the United Kingdom, heads across the pond to help families whose lives need a little order. After observing and spending time with each family, she works with children on improving their behavior and with parents on ways to handle their kids more effectively.”

So what is Nanny Jo doing that some are simply not? Well, actually parenting is a start. And let’s not forget the “naughty” chair.

There’s something about watching the British nannies and their cute little accents to remind you happily about Mary Poppins and all that’s right in the world.

Of course, the drama the little terrors tend to bring about is pretty entertaining too.

Season six of “Supernanny” premieres tomorrow, Friday October 23 on ABC.

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