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Survivor Samoa

Survivor and Jeff Probst are back. The newest season of Survivor is set to take place in Samoa. It promises to be the best season of Survivor yet, but I do so think they say that every seeason.

There are 20 contestants of this new season, but unfortunately for us, we’ve really focused on two of the contestants tonight. If you watched, you know exactly who I’m talking about: Russell from the Foa Foa tribe and “Shambo” from Galu.

Shannon is just a harmless former Marine but don’t get me wrong. She’s definitely a little kooky with her Rambo-esque headband and a mullet. I don’t know who advised her about the mullet, but girl– when you get home, cane you please fire your hairstylist? She claims to only have street smarts, but she ended up solving a puzzle and bringing home a win for her tribe in the first reward challenge. Later, though, she did a great job of alienating herself, opting to stay behind when everyone else headed down to the water, saying that she has to remind herself that this isn’t the Marine Corps and that she’s not used to being around all these kids in their mid-20s.

And then there is Russell. He’s shown up in the promos being touted as the most evil character in Survivor history, so I was totally prepared that he was a jerk, but jerk doesn’t cover it. He told his fellow tribemates a completely FALSE story about being in Hurricane Katrina and losing his dog in the storm, which also featured a lie about him being a fireman. He made alliances with four different people in the first day or so, two of whom he called “dumbass girls” in interviews. Totally charming! Then when Marisa, one of his supposed alliance-mates, noticed him scheming with others and called him out on it, but in a very straight-forward, middle-of-the-road way, he went nuts and said she had “threatened” him. What she really said was that she was “worried” about him, meaning that she was concerned because of his actions that she couldn’t trust him. Then he managed to turn the whole tribe against her, somehow. Oh, but let me not leave out that he dumped out everyone’s canteens overnight and put Jaison’s socks in the fire. (When these things were discovered the next day, he just grinned like a lunatic, but I guess it really was dark enough that everyone else couldn’t see his total lack of poker face. Too bad.)

Russell also calls himself the puppetmaster (Sound familiar from last season? What’s up with people trying to name themselves) and actually said, “My tribe will believe anything I say because they’re stupid.” It makes me want to kick him, but they didn’t do much to prove him wrong.

Chef Mike decided that his best defense was to walk around camp talking about how clearly they needed to vote out the weakest competitor. Mike is, by quite a bit, the oldest contestant at 62 and might want to rethink that brilliant strategy.

At tribal council, Ashley got called out as the weakest physically, and she freaks out, but when she kept using the word “cardio” to defend herself, she just sounded like a gym rat with little else to offer.

When the votes came in, Marisa was out.

What did you think of the season premiere? Who will you be rooting for this season?

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