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Switching Providers

In a recent report surveying the digital television customer, Strategy Analytics found that more than two-thirds of American subscribers would be willing to switch providers if offered a discount of 20% or more.  Because of the past recession and over the top advertising tactics, service providers have taken up extreme measures to attract customers.  These figures, while just a test of the water, shows that people are disgruntled with their own service and will do pretty much anything to save an extra dime.

71% of the respondents said that they were somewhat satisfied with their current television provider, while 78% were satisfied with their satellite provider.  In both groups, there was a recurring reference that they were not getting enough for their dollar.  Combine that with the rise websites like Hulu and Netflix, and customers are starting to question the traditional subscription rates.  While some might investigate into switching carriers or even switching from cable to satellite, many might just hold out to see just how much a subscription on Hulu might cost.

Speaking from personal experience, Comcast has great service but only if you’re a new customer will you get great deals.  Once those initial 12 month deals run out, the cable rates skyrocket.  Compound that with a sports package and your monthly cable bill is easily in the hundreds.  I’ve been looking into switching but will wait to see what Hulu charges.  Pretty much all of my favorite shows can either be watched on Hulu or iTunes, so after crunching the numbers, it makes sense to actually close out my Comcast account.  The only issue there is that I would have to get another ISP.

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