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Syfy’s Bringing Us The Greatest American Hero This Independence Day

The Greatest American Hero was a hit in the ’80s, long before the Kick Ass or The Dark Knight were all the rage.  William Katt starred in the series  as a neurotic schoolteacher who gained superpowers from “the magic jimmies” given to him by him by aliens. Robert Culp played Bill Maxwell, his FBI partner, and Connie Selleca was his his hot girlfriend. Far fetched yes, but let us not forget we have plenty of guilty pleasures on today’s TV schedule too.

“I think it spoke to the Everyman,” Katt says. “Stephen J. Cannell created this fabulous character who was the reluctant hero. He had a great sense of humor and humanity about him.”

Now,  Syfy is hoping the show’s appeal can hold up in the 21st Century with a 20-hour Independence Day marathon, beginning Sunday at 9am/ET.

The marathon is timely for another reason too,  Culp passed away in March at age 79. “It’s a great man and a good friend that we lost, but I will think back on him fondly,” Katt says. “I think Stephen’s going to do a Greatest American Hero feature film eventually and I’m sure he’ll pay homage to Bob in some way or another.”

Katt, who has recentlt appeared on Heroes, House and Numb3rs, has recently co-written a Greatest American Hero comic book and contributes to the show’s Facebook page. “[The show] was certainly a watermark in my professional career,” he says. “It changed everything, and my life has just been terrific.”

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