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Taking Stock of Burn Notice

burnnoticeThe only reason I ever really noticed Burn Notice or gave it much thought as a show was that it featured Bruce Cambell, who is one of the best actors I’ve seen make something out of nothing. Increasingly, however, friends and coworkers have started to recommend the show, and I finally decided to give it a fair shake and look into it. More recently, Burn Notice creator Matt Nix did an interview discussing the future of the show, and it’s certainly worth a read.

Matt goes on to say that his day to day life hasn’t really change much despite the success of the show. Just like the rest of us he gets up, goes to work for what some days feels like an eternity, and then he heads home. As with any job, it’s a fun process (more than what most employees can say I’d wager) despite the inevitable hiccups and sources of conflict along the way. That’s what I like to hear.

The show takes it’s roots in espionage and spy craft, and Nix mentions that many of the shows story arc and characters are developed from these origins. History provides an awful lot of material for the show (and who doesn’t like a good spy story?), so I’d wager they still have plenty more good stories to draw from the upcoming seasons.. I’ll be doing a more full review of at least one episode in the near future, so keep an eye out, but until then, I’d say it’s worth giving this one a looksie.

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