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Taylor Swift Hosting SNL This Weekend

taylorTaylor Swift is hosting and performing on SNL this week and, as expected, it looks like we’re in for a long line of Kanye West jokes. In the first promo for the show with cast member Bill Hadar, they waste no time taking a jab at the mic stealing singer. Hadar pretends to get a call from Kanye and tells Swift, “Oops, Kanye West just called, he thinks Beyonc√© should host.”

Despite the expected nerves, Taylor is still looking forward to her hosting duties.¬† “I’m so excited, not sure if I’m ready,” she told CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan. “I try to prepare for everything beyond the extent of preparation. So I have all these ideas for skits, I have like 10 ideas right now, I’m probably gonna walk in there with 35 ideas.”

And even though she’s open to talking about the Kanye incident, don’t expect her to give us any clues about her love life on SNL. Rumors have been swirling around the country star and her co-star int he upcoming movie, Valentine’s Day, Twilight’s Taylor Lautner. When asked about their relationship, she wasn’t spilling much info. “I don’t know, he’s an amazing guy and we’re really close … and ah … yep,” she said. “We’re in a movie together and I am really excited about seeing it.”

SNL airs on NBC Saturday night at 11:35 PM EST. You can take a look at the first promos below:

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