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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Recap

If there’s a few things that the Terminator TV series has going for it, it’s a ultra-long title and a huge character list. It really seems like the series has a much beefier character count than most shows you see out there, and it’s still getting bigger. The most recent episode, Alpine Fields, also showed us that new characters can die just as swiftly as they’re introduced.

Such was the case last week when the happy family we ran into got killed off (well the mom and dad anyway). Alpine Fields was a pretty solid episode, but I found it a little disjointed and hard to follow. We did get to see some future glimpses, which in my opinion are always fun (can’t wait for Terminator 4 by the way). We also got to see yet another name pulled off the wall, and it happened to be the Fields.

Sarah busts in on the family, and gets to bring them in the loop on the future of humanity. The dad also isn’t so nice, with some illegal deals and other such secrets from his wife, not to mention him being pretty cowardly on the whole. Killer cyborgs have odd targets these days, if you ask me. We got to see Derek’s flash-forward to the future, where he helps the resistance occupy a nuclear plant and he volunteers to retrieve the single person who survived the biological attack. We also get to see where Derek meets Jesse, who travels with a nuclear submarine that’s headed by a T-888 (conversions are common these days).

Skynet apparently sent a T-888 to kill Anne Fields because she’s carrying a baby that provides a cure for the biological agents used in the attack. Doesn’t look like we’ll be hearing from the Fields again anytime soon, and the previews showed some more Ellison and Cromartie stuff. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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