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The Best Webseries Based on TV Shows

gossip-girl-219-dorotaIt seems so many new webseries and webisodes are popping up online it is hard to keep track of what is worth watching and what isn’t. Some of the best webseries are actually extensions of TV’s most popular shows. Here’s a look at the best spin-off webseries you can watch online anytime.

NBC has featured three exclusive online webseries based on The Office. The first, The Accountants, premiered in 2006 when the TV series debuted and is about, who else, Dunder Mifflin’s accountants. Last year, they created a series of webisodes called Kevin’s Loan, about all of the advice and ideas Kevin’s co-worker gave him for paying off his gambling debt. The latest series, The Outburst, is about an unlikely outburst Oscar has on the phone.

The CW recently debuted a webseries all about Blair Waldorf’s faithful maid Dorota on Gossip Girl. Chasing Dorota follows her “after hours” and lets viewers into her secret world.

Heroes has also inspired multiple webseries, the latest of which is Nowhere Man. Nowhere Man is about Doyle who takes matters into his own hands after his prospects for a normal life fade.

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