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The Betting Channel Launches In U.K.

As if drugs and alcohol weren’t addicting enough, the United Kingdom has put out yet another vice for people.  The Betting Channel has started airing on the Satellite Information Services company, outside broadcast production providers for the BBC.  While it is still in its infancy, the channel will start online first for a few hours of the day six days a week.  Once on air, it will increase to six hours per day.  SIS is geared to deliver information to both bookies and their customers, providing up to the second information on pretty much everything there is to know about sports.

The mastermind behind this idea is Alan Bentley, the former Sky Sports and Liverpool TV anchorman.  What was once just a thought has now turned into reality and his resume sure shows that he knows what it takes to make it in the television industry.  His goal is to try to reach viewers through any media source possible:  internet, phone, or television.

With all the soccer (football if you prefer), horseracing, and cricket that are highly popular in Her Majesty’s Kingdom, one can be sure that this channel will get the attention of many viewers.  I’d wager that at least one television in each pub will be showing this channel, one that is background noise, but also getting looks at regularly.  Any piece or scrap of info that one can get over the house can provide to be worth a lot of money, depending on how much one wagers.  It will be interesting to see where this goes, how quickly it expands, and if something like this could make it in the US.

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