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The Diamond Power of Veto Shakes Things Up on Big Brother 12

During last night’s eviction ceremony, Matt shocked the house when he saved himself with the Diamond Power of Veto on “Big Brother 12.”

The DPOV power also allowed Matt to pick his replacement, who ended up being Kathy, but she took it all in stride and almost seemed relieved to be leaving. Her main concern was who would take care of the fish in her absence.

The contestants couldn’t talk to each other before they cast their votes, which always makes things interesting. Clearly everyone who was eligible to vote- Hayden, Enzo, Ragan, Britney and Matt all voted to evict Kathy. So by a vote of 5-0, Kathy was sent packing.

“‘Big Brother Says” was the competition for the new Head of Household competition. Brendon, Kathy, Lane and Hayden reviewed the order of these tasks Wednesday night for more than an hour, but the HOH comp ended up being about quotes, not order.

Britney won the next HOH. Meaning Ragan, Matt and Britney are safe and Brandon is the target, unless he wins the POV, which he has a bad habit of doing.

Next Thursday ought to be fun, as it will likely be double eviction week. We can’t wait to see who is left is standing!

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