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The Donald Wants Lindsay Lohan To Be The Next Apprentice

Reportedly, none other than The Donald is courting Lindsay Lohan for The Celebrity Apprentice.

According to Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, he’s a good friend of the family, giving him an in with landing Lindsay.

Dina recently told Page Six, “Donald is a friend of the family, and producers of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ have approached Lindsay to appear in the next season. She’s deciding if she wants to do it or not, but she currently has three films in production, so she’s very busy.”

But, even if Lindsay can find the time and is interested, her current legal woes are sure to be a determining factor in what happens.

Last week, a bench warrant was issued and then recalled after Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet (an alcohol-monitoring device she was forced to wear after violating her DUI probation ) was triggered during an MTV Movie Awards after party. Lindsay had to pay $10,000 bail on the warrant.

According to Dina, the SCRAM issue was just a misunderstanding. “Somebody spilled a drink on her leg, which must have set off the SCRAM bracelet. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to wear the bracelet in the first place. She is doing absolutely fine,” Dina says.

If Lindsay does join The Apprentice, could this be the image-boost she needs to get back on top? What do you think?

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