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The Future of Pushing Daisies, Dirty, Sexy, Money and Eli Stone Uncertain

pushing_daisiesIf you’re like me and you’re still waiting for the final episodes of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and Dirty, Sexy Money to air, don’t hold your breath. Last year, these three shows appeared to have great promise and solid ratings but were abruptly interrupted by the writer’s strike. When they came back for a second season they weren’t able to gain back the audiences they had enjoyed pre-strike. All three ABC shows were cancelled a few weeks ago before finishing out their second season.

That isn’t the only bad news for fans. We may not get the closure we deserve. There are several episodes in the can for each show that have yet to air but ABC has no concrete plans to play these remaining episodes. It has not been reported exactly how many episodes are left, but at least in the case of Pushing Daisies the unaired shows will reportedly wrap up any current storylines and act as a finale to the series. It may be the summer before the remaining shows are aired, if they are aired at all. ABC President Stephen McPherson has expressed frustration over the situation but admits it’s complicated.

“We could have probably gotten maybe two or three episodes of the Wednesday-night shows, for example, on the air in the spring,” he says. “What we were worried about then, honestly, is we were looking at a [possible] SAG strike and then worried that that would completely disintegrate the fall. … So we made the gamble [to wait until fall].”

If you want to take action to help get these final episodes aired, you can email ABC at their contact us page and ask them to air the final episodes of Pushing Daisies, Dirty, Sexy, Money and Eli Stone.

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One Response to “The Future of Pushing Daisies, Dirty, Sexy, Money and Eli Stone Uncertain”
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[…] Yesterday, I told you about three ABC shows currently in limbo. Well today, there is good news for another show that was abruptly cancelled by ABC. Last Spring the alphabet network cancelled October Road without giving the show’s creators a chance to wrap up any of the ongoing storylines. Needless to say, fans revolted and the show’s creators promised they would create a mini episode that would answer everyone’s questions. […]

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