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The Jay Leno Show

Well, if Grissom leaving his top job at CSI wasn’t enough…Jay Leno is leaving too! Not really, but NBC recently announced that the comedian of one of the most popular talk shows around will actually be moving to an earlier spot. In part, this bid aims to help the struggling network garner some additional ratings, and for their sake I hope it works, since they’ve been getting pretty thoroughly trounced these days.

Anyways, Hay Leno’s show will be air five nights a week in 2009. This is in part due to this retirement from The Tonight Show. The new show will run for about an hour, and will be on your T.V. The move to prime time is a pretty bold move and marks a change of tactics for the way NBC expects to bring in TV advertising revenue. Leno admitted that it was time for a change..and he better hurry, too. He’s already 58 after all.

Leno was widely expected to retire for good, but I guess it’s a tough thing to put down. His successor on the Tonight Show will start in May of 2009, and he’ll be replaced by Conan O’Brien. Being a fan of Conan’s show but rarely up to watch it during the week, I’m pretty happy with the change myself!

NBC executives have said that the deal really filled two gaols that they were aiming for. One, they wanted to keep the ever popular comedian on NBC. If he moved to another network, then he’d likely do well there too, and then they’d be facing even more competition at a time when they’re already up to their eyeballs in the stuff.

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