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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Pays Audience To Fill Seats

A couple weeks ago we told you about Craig Ferguson’s homage to Tom Snyder which included taping the entire episode of The Late Late Show sans an audience. But, according to Radar Online, it had nothing to do with Tom Snyder, but more to do with saving some money. Their inside source claims, “They have 100 seats, of which 10 are reserved for house guests, and 30-40 members are through requests for tickets. The rest of the seats, about 50-60, are each paid for by the show. At around $20 per person, that’s almost $1,000 per hour-long taping, which is one expensive laugh machine.”

Its actually not uncommon to pay audience members. Chelsey lately, The Newly Wed Show, and many other shows pay some audience members so they can fill every seat for every taping. The pay is usually a flat rate of $50. Though these shows do have free seats available, they pay to fill the remaining spots.

Most paid audience members are actors registered with casting companies and are booked through those companies, but some are hired via Craig’s List or other websites, like On Set Productions. Everyday Craig’s List has dozens of listings for paid audience members posted under “talent” in Los Angeles. Most listing don’t give out the show names because the idea of paying audience members is still taboo, but nearly all of them are popular talk or game shows.

You can get free tickets to Craig’s show via his website too.

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