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The League

the leagueThe League is a new show on FX that focuses on fantasy football leagues.  If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you definitely know what I’m talking about.  The NFL is the biggest moneymaker in the sports industry (if you exclude F1 auto racing, which we don’t count because it’s not American!).  Fantasy football has been around for a while but has exploded in the past decade.  It is the grandfather of other fantasy games like baseball, hockey, and even golf.  The League doesn’t have any big name actors that you’ve heard of.  The only one you might recognize is Nadine Velasquez from My Name is Earl who plays one of the wives.  But I think that’s part of the allure of the show.  It’s just a bunch of normal, average joes who have everyday jobs and families, and their only escape from those two things is this league.

The show is in its infancy having only aired three episodes.  But for all three, there have been so many laughs.  It’s FX so they drop some swear words in there along with other vulgar language.  In the first episode, the guys have prepare and then have their draft.  It entails doing research along with trying to cut pre-draft details.  Along the way, storylines of their characters’ lives are woven in.  A couple members have a family, one just broke up with his longtime girlfriend, and two are bachelors.  These different stories help the show to be not all about football and the players.

I can totally relate to their experiences throughout the season.  Smack talking is a norm along with making trades.  Two of the guys are lawyers, with one being a prosecutor and the other a defense attorney.  The defense attorney is assigned to a criminal and they lawyers cut a deal for the criminal via trading players!  All the while, the criminal is sitting there in the orange jumpsuit looking at these two fools.  Another instance is where a guy’s wife actually runs his league and word gets out about it.  There’s nothing like a girl who knows her sports, but I digress.  She knows her stuff and barters Peyton Manning for two scrubs over a kinky sex move.

These moments are priceless but it also goes to show what great lengths managers will go to in order to win their league.  The bribing and deal-making is just another day in the 16 week span that is fantasy football.  There’s a routine, pick up players, research, post your lineup, smacktalk, watch the games.  That same process is repeated week in and week out until the playoffs start.  For those who think that fantasy football is stupid, it’s true.  We managers have absolutely no control over the players.  But this allows us to make us think we do.  We want to have bragging rights over our fellow male buddies and that is as important as winning the championship.  New episodes of The League air on FX on Thursdays at 10:30 pm with them.  The series can only grow from here…it is a must watch!

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