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The Masters 3D

A tournament unlike any other, The Masters golf tournament will be the first golf tournament to be televised in “stunning” 3D.  Not only will it be the first golf tournament but also the first sporting event in the United States that will be in 3D.  While I’ve never been a huge supporter of 3D, being an avid golfer this has peaked my interest.  The only catch–I don’t have a 3D television and neither to many people.  What, are people going to go to Best Buy to watch the Masters 3D?

Interestingly enough, Comcast is the brains behind the operation.  While I would think that CBS and ESPN will pick up the 3D feed, there is also the possibility of the feed only being provided for Comcast customers only.  I highly doubt this but you never know about the Masters.  They are always guaranteed to be either elitist or unique in one way or another.  Comcast is promising that the footage will be “nothing short of spectacular”.  For me, The Masters in HD is more than enough–it shows the contours of the greens, the small streams, and the azaleas in bloom.  I don’t understand the need to make a great thing better.  Isn’t it enough to see sports in HD?  If you want to see The Masters in 3D, buy a plane ticket, fly to Augusta, pay your entry to the gate (if you’re lucky to find a spare ticket), and watch it live.  Just because Comcast is promising things doesn’t mean that they’ll turn out well.

There is something to be said for the first in anything.  If you did shell out some money for a new HD 3D tv, then I hope you have the goofy glasses to go along with it.

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