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The New Cast of Amazing Race Revealed

“The Amazing Race” is heading into its 17th season this fall and will feature a reunited birth mother and daughter, a pair of a cappella singers and a beauty queen.

The season will kick off in a 90-minute premiere on Sunday, Sept. 26. The 11 teams will race through 30 cities in a 32,000-mile journey, which includes stops in Ghana, Bangladesh and the Arctic Circle for the first time in the show’s history.

CBS also says that the team who finishes first in the premiere episode will get a “surprise, game-changing advantage” that’s also new to the game.

One of the cast members, 20-year-old Kevin Wu, aka KevJumba, is a YouTube sensation with more than a million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He’s racing with his dad, Michael.

Here’sa list of all the teams:

Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin
Ages: 27, 30
Hometowns: San Diego; Reno, Nev.
Occupations: Home shopping hosts
Relationship: Home shopping hosts

Nick DeCarlo and Vicki Casciola
Ages: both 26
Hometown: Henderson, Nev.
Occupations: Bartender, hairstylist
Relationship: Dating

Ron Kellum and Tony Stovall
Ages: 45, 42
Hometowns: Los Angeles; Tucson, Ariz.
Occupations: Director/choreographer, doctoral student
Relationship: Best friends

Michael Wu and Kevin Wu
Ages: 58, 20
Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
Occupations: Software engineer/content creator, Internet entertainer
Relationship: Father and son

Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith
Ages: 26, 23
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Occupations: Operations manager, hairstylist
Relationship: Newly dating

Nat Strand and Kat Chang
Ages: 31, 35
Hometowns: Scottsdale, Ariz.; Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupations: both doctors
Relationship: Friends

Gary Ervin and Mallory Ervin
Ages: 53, 24
Hometowns: Morganfield, Ky.; Lexington, Ky.
Occupations: Entrepreneur, Miss Kentucky 2009
Relationship: Father and daughter

Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz
Ages: both 22
Hometowns: Chesterland, Ohio; Cranford, N.J.
Occupations: Princeton students
Relationship: A cappella singers

Jill Haney and Thomas Wolfard
Ages: 27, 30
Hometown: Marina Del Rey, Calif.
Occupations: Hairstylist, ad sales director
Relationship: Dating

Andie DeKroon and Jenna Sykes
Ages: 43, 21
Hometowns: Atlanta; Athens, Ga.
Occupations: Stay-at-home mom, University of Georgia student
Relationship: Birth mother and daughter

Katie Seamon and Rachel Johnston
Ages: 23, 24
Hometowns: Rahway, N.J.; Moorestown, N.J.
Occupations: Beach volleyball players
Relationship: Beach volleyball partners

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