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The NFL Today vs. Fox NFL Sunday

cbsBeing an absolute football junkie and a fantasy commish, I always get up to watch the NFL pre-game shows.  Since two networks carry the NFL, Fox and CBS, they both have hour-long shows before the early game kickoffs at 1 pm Eastern time.  Your preference is kind of similar to that of Letterman vs. Leno or MSNBC to CNN.  Both are pretty funny and yet very informative with their experience and analysis.  Here some information to figure out which show you might like.

Since Fox is channel 702 and CBS is 705, I’ll start with Fox.  Fox NFL Sunday consists of Curt Menefee, whose more like a mediator, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, and Michael Strahan.  Menefee took over for James Brown in 2006 and viewers are finally getting adjusted to seeing and hearing him.  Bradshaw is good for a few laughs and plays off his dumb, Southern styled personality.  Jimmy Johnson’s hair is still immaculate while Strahan’s gap in his teeth is still as wide as the Grand Canyon.  Overall, they do a decent job in player interviews where they reveal the funnier side of guys.

The NFL Today on CBS is hosted by James Brown and includes ex-players Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe, Boomer Esiason, and ex-coach Bill Cowher.  The NFL Today is geared to be more informative and one can instantly tell by the stars.  You have two quarterbacks, a Hall of Fame tight End, and a legendary coach with a big chin and ‘stache.  While Sharpe has a little trouble enunciating his words when doing highlights, his player interviews are classic.  He still sees himself as a player and pokes fun and asks real questions during interviews.  While Marino and Esiason didn’t win anything, they still bring valuable insight to the game.

Both shows have their funny parts and great interviews.  I think that The NFL Today does a better job, especially when it comes to fantasy information.  No, it’s not that type of fantasy if you’re not familiar with this.  Fantasy football is bigger than ever and grows every year.  Here’s a quick synopsis–you have a bunch of players from different teams and positions and they rack up points by padding their stats.  You only start about 9-12 players each week.  Anyways, fantasy information is usually released just before kickoffs.  This has to also do with coaches playing coy, pretending that their best players might or might not play.  But these updates can be crucial, especially since there’s big money pot for the league winner.

Information is huge for the sports betting world.  Since CBS can only carry AFC games and Fox NFC games, both do a good job of updating each game on site.  That gives viewers a good view of conditions, player updates, and last minute adjustments.  When you’re wagering hundreds or even thousands, this is critical to preparation.

If you’re looking for humor and entertainment, Fox NFL Sunday is definitely the way to go for you.  If you’re a bit more serious, then you should watch CBS’s show.  Either way, you’ll still get some laughs either way, as well as gain a little knowledge.

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