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The Office – Employee Transfer

My girlfriend absolutely adores The Office, and I can understand why. At first I thought the awkward humor and rather slow pace of the show wasn’t really my style, but after catching a few episodes with her I have to admit it was hilarious, and even more so if you work in a small office environment like the one portrayed in the series. So what happened in the latest episode of The Office: Employee Transfer?

Much of the show revolved around various relationships currently taking place at Dunder Mifflin. There were about three story lines worked into the episode, with Dwight deciding the only way to come to terms with his feelings about Andy and Angela’s upcoming wedding was to start a fight with him.

Michael and Holly, on the other hand, had problems of their own. After David Wallace discovered they were romantically involved, he arranges for the transfer of Holly to another branch. Pam had to have a rather awkward lunch with Jim’s brothers, too!

Of course Holly getting transferred was a convenient way of getting rid of Amy Ryan’s character, although considering she’s still with the company it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we’ll be seeing her again soon. I know the show is all satire and nonsense, but I was actually saddened when Holly broke up with Michael on the ride given the perfect synergy their characters had together.

One also has to wonder about the future of Jim and Pam’s relationship. After so much build up to them finally getting together and the hilarious pranks they’ve pulled on Dwight along the way, I’d really hate to see the shows writers break up their relationship somehow. Even with this most recent episode, however, it appears they’re stronger than ever, so let’s hope that continues, eh?

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