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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale: Table Flippin’ Good!

teresaLast’s night episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey might have been the most explosive of all the Housewives finales. Teresa decides to have a housewarming party even though the finishing touches aren’t completed on her new home yet so she has it at a restaurant, makes total sense, right?

It gets better, she decides to invite her archenemy Danielle. Danielle is the show’s token train wreck and in true form she took some time last night to show her young daughters pictures from her “hedonistic” modeling days. Apparently, the photos were too inappropriate for the audience to see since Bravo blurred them out. That should have been a clue to Danielle that the pictures are also a bit inappropriate to show her 10 year old daughter.

Meanwhile, Dina’s daughter decides she’s too old for stuffed animals in the process of throwing them out decides to clean out the drawers full of candy she has stashed too causing a horrified Dina to exclaim, “You’re a hoarder!” Dina realizes she might not be spending enough time with her daughter and goes back to being an actual housewife.

Caroline showed off her new edition, an attack German Shepard, basically as a warning to anyone who may want to mess with her or her family. And then they wonder why people think they are in the mafia?

Teresa explains that she invited Danielle to her dinner party because she has class. This is just before talking very loudly about her new “bubbies” and being presented with gifts from Victoria’s Secret by Dina which she proceeds to wave around above her head to get approval from her husband in the middle of the restaurant. Teresa then explains to the whole table, in detail how her husband wanted to have sex when she got home from having her boob job then announces she’s, “not big on swallowing”. Then just as everyone is laughing it up, Danielle drops a copy of Cop Without a Badge on the table.

She tries to talk but Dina and Teresa keep interrupting her though Carolina tries to get them to shut up so they can hear what she has to say. Danielle blames Dina for distributing the book to everyone they know even though Caroline claims it was her who distributed the book. Then suddenly, it all explodes with accusations of lying, mostly between sister-in-laws, Jacqueline and Dina. Danielle implies Teresa is an idiot and Teresa loses it, screams that Danielle is a whore and tries to flip over the table, very classy!

Can’t wait for the reunion show next week, the housewives are like the gift that keeps on giving!

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