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The Wire On DirecTV

If you’re a fan of the television show The Wire, you’ll like this little news snippet.  DirecTV will begin showing all five seasons of the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries starting July 18.  It will be shown without commercials so one can enjoy it uninterrupted.  DirecTV has also partnered with NBC to keep their series Friday Night Lights afloat.  It seems as though DirecTV is getting into the business of reairing and supporting good dramas.

The Wire will also be available in HD, something that has never been before seen with the series.  The series will be shown on The 101 Network, a network that will be showing more and more dramas over DirecTV.   With airing all 60 episodes of the series uncut, the show and series brings instant reputability to the channel.  Be sure to stay up to date on other legit series that the channel might provide.

I personally have never seen The Wire but my friend has told me that it is a great show.  It was filmed in Baltimore in the sticks and was created by David Simon.  This is a great alternative to having to buy the series on iTunes or in a DVD set.  Instead you can watch it either on the channel or record it onto the DVR.  So basically you’re able to watch the series for pennies, which is a great deal!  DirecTV might be onto something here and cunningly they are undercutting services like Netflix and iTunes.  The only thing isn’t in its favor is that you have to wait until the program comes on and can’t cue it up instantly.

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