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Three Ways to Watch Football Online

No one loves paying three hundred dollars for the NFL package on DirecTV. At least I find it to be mildly annoying. So what are you going to do? You have to get your Saturday or Sunday games. Well, I’m gonna give you a couple sites that allow you to watch Football online.

HowtoWatchFootballonline is a pretty good, if ugly sight. By pretty good, I mean, it has actual links to people putting the games you’re looking for within the body of the site. Aside from that, the site is horrible on the eyes, simply crawling with ads, and those annoying gif profile pics every football forum fan loves so much. This is definitely my last choice, but when the going gets tough…

ESPN College Gameplan. It’s free, OMG! Right? Wrong. but only if your internet provider chooses to participate. If you’re so lucky, you just need a Move Media player plugin and then all is good. It’s decent, you can pause or change channels and whatnot.  Pretty sure that this is only NCAA related stuff, so if you’re a big NFL guy (or gal) don’t stress if Comcast is keeping you from the online video happiness. The quality is great though if you’ve got a good connection.

I’ve talked about this last site before, but it proves itself every week. If you don’t live in the same market as your favorite team, it’s essentially impossible (outside cutting a three hundred dollar check) to see the game you want. But if you want to go a slightly less ethical route, go to ChannelSurfing. You’re witnessing an illegal act, but not actually downloading something, so I’ll let you be the judge of the ethical implications of watching streaming football online. I mean, who wants to pick the pockets of thirty one of the richest guys in America? Judging by the number of people who hit this site, there are quite a few.

Some of the links won’t work, but most do, at least for most of the game. And you get most of the NFL games for any given day. You will also get every other sport under the sun too. I watched a China Table Tennis Super League Game the other day. It’s impressive what you can do by aggregating piracy.

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