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‘Til Death Gets Renewed…Somehow

It can be a tall order to find a meaningful acting career after the long time sitcom you’re attached to ends. Some have successfully managed it like say Jennifer Aniston after Friends (although Joe’s spinoff did not last long), but the problem you run into is that everyone knows you from that particular show, and it’s hard to get away from that impression and convince an audience you’re someone else. As a result, if you’ve ever sat down and watched ‘Til Death, it’s likely you felt like you were watching Everybody Loves Raymond 2.

With that knowledge in mind it looked like the show, which stars Brad Garrett and Joley Fisher as a couple who’s been married for some time and looks to find a way to spice up the daily grind, might not make it for another season. Fox had originally pulled the program in October, and in most cases that means the show may as well be toast.

It’s been given new life, however (haha get it?), since Fox made a rather shocking move and ordered a ww-episode fourth season. This is even more strange considering the fact that they haven’t even gotten through the third season since the plug was pulled in October. They’ll likely reschedule the new episodes..but who’s pulling the strings here? Most feedback I’ve gotten on the show hasn’t been good, but hey, 4 seasons isn’t such a bad run these days. I’m sure a show like My Own Worst Enemy would have loved to have that many seasons.

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