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Top 10 TV Dads

veronicamars So what’s makes television dads so awesome? I mean, it’s obviously a subjective question and not everyone is going to agree across the board. But I thought the list was pretty interesting.

So who topped the list? weighs in with who is the top 50 dads.

But for now, a chance to check out the top ten:

10. Jed Bartlett, West Wing

I think it’s pretty safe to say that having your dad be the president would be pretty awesome. And sure, it might suck to have to ditch Secret Service all the time and you know, national security probably would take precedence over hanging out with the family, but it’s all about the sacrifices people.

9. Richard Castle, Castle

What makes him so cool? I’m not too certain but it could just be his tendency to act as though he is 13… still. And while that’s not exactly a quality you are looking for in a spouse, I can totally understand why this makes for a fun dad.

8. Christopher Haydin, Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is no more and Christopher was pretty much a nonexistent dad. But hey– he is attractive, hip, and can conversate with the best of them.

7. Jack Bristow, Alias

He’s cool, he’s calm, he’s collected– he’s just an awesome guy, which translates to an awesome dad.

6. Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill

Pro athlete? Check. Super dreamy? Check. Determined? Check. All around a great guy? Check. Despite his shoddy father, Nathan Scott is a dad we can be proud of.

5. John Winchester, Supernatural

He hunts and kills demons. I mean, what else can you want?

4. Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

He can be a great guy, but he can chase off potential guys… out of love, of course.

3. Hank Moody, Californication

A famous writer who encourages his daughter to further her extracurriculars? Can’t go wrong.

2. Sandy Cohen, The OC

He’s a lawyer… who surfs. I mean, beyond that, can you get any better?

1. Keith Mars, Veronica Mars

Protective and law enforcing the ex-sheriff keeps his daughter his first priority.

So who do you think the number one television dad is?

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