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Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown

samSamantha Brown is one of those television hosts that you probably would recognize but could also just pass by on the street without realizing it.  She’s not a host on any major television network, but she does do a great job on her past and present shows.  Currently she works for the Travel Channel, of which she has done shows like Girl Meets Hawaii, Great Hotels, Passport to Europe, and Great Weekends.  I believe all of us would trade jobs with her in a heartbeat–paid vacation to go to some of the greatest places in the world, stay in nice hotels, eat gourmet food, and experience the local culture.

In 2008, Brown debuted her new show called Great Weekends.  This show features more unique vacations that one might not normally take.  Rather than hitting up Manhattan or Las Vegas, she will give advice to Montreal, Philly, or Savannah just to name a few.  The episodes follow her as she arrives at the destination on Friday afternoon and then all the way through until Sunday evening.  I’m sure you’re thinking that it’s just another travel show.  It is but it’s completely different than researching it online by yourself, trying to put together your own itinerary.  And I would trust her more due to her vast experience.  What makes her shows alluring are the way that she goes about taking on a particular city.  She does everything with energy and excitement and really sells the viewers on the city.  In Savannah, the show put together a scare package theme, I guess because there are some famous ghost stories in the area.  She also did the same for Hawaii when she partook in the cultural and spiritual pasttimes.  For the most part, her travels remain domestic, which can probably be attributed to the current economic market.  The Travel Channel is trying to promote people into doing things and I’m sure they’ve taken an indirect hit as well.

Her website on the Travel Channel is very interactive.  Not only is there lots of info about the shows and destinations, but also about her fashion sense and her personal travel blog.  For a forty-something woman, she is pretty in touch with technology, which helps her fans stay even more in tune to what she’s doing.  Of course she also has a Facebook as well as Twitter account, both of which I highly doubt that she manages herself.

All in all, whatever show that Samantha Brown is hosting, it is sure to be classy and informative.  She will take the extra step in helping the viewer experience something that they weren’t aware about.  Right now, you can even enter on the website to win a free trip to Singapore.  Check the website out if you want to see a sneak peak of which city she is reviewing next via photos.  So, if you’re looking for ideas on what to do for your next vacation, considering watching Brown’s shows.  They’re informative and fun, and it’s bound to give you some unique and fun ideas.

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