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Trying To Make The Arts Cool

american idolIn a world where video games and three-hour long CGI movies reign, many family and conservative groups call for less addictive shows on television.  Networks have done them one better by working in performing arts into their storylines.  These shows are all around us on primetime and it shows that Hollywood has control over us.

High school artists are often teased and jeered at for not being athletic or even smart.  They’re portrayed as weird and kooky.  But when movies like High School Musical or a show like Glee comes on, it shows that it is okay to pursue something in the performing arts.  Fox has adeptly addressed his issue and made it hip, mixing in songs as well as a decent storyline.  Not only does the show featuring teens signing and loving performing, but it also mixes in some adult humor and characters that older people gravitate to.  Thus, a show like Glee not satisfies a family’s demographic, but also normalizes the perception of artists.

Even shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Don’t Forget the Lyrics are tailored to the arts.  How many times have you caught yourself playing the game with Wayne Brady?  Obviously not many of us can be as good a dancer as those partaking in the show, but we still watch for their moves, their grace.  And yet, when I was in high school, if you were known as a dancer (especially a guy) you were looked upon as different.  Even American Idol serves to this very purpose!  Our culture is so fixated on techy aspects like math, engineering, and the sciences that we’ve lost touch with how to express our feelings through actions.

The ratings don’t lie either.  American Idol, when on, is the highest rated program and Dancing with the Stars is not far behind.  Each of these shows that entails dancing or singing is successful.  Even America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV has a cult following.  This is the same network that used to play music videos but now airs trash like Jersey Shore.

It’s as if the networks got together and signed a pact saying that they would air more programming about the arts.  But in their keen way, they have interwoven them with storylines.  Now it seems like every night there’s a show about dancing or singing.  Now NBC has gotten into the mix by creating The Sing-Off.  This show might actually be worse than Jersey Shore.  I mean, sing fighting is worse than Zoolander’s breakdance fighting.  If this show is successful, then who knows what I’ll do.  Television goes in cycle and right now, artsy shows are hip and the norm.  NBC just wants to take a small bite of the pie, but little do they know they might even get anything with this trash.

While these shows are a valiant effort, television will always revert to dramas.  It is a great effort to blend the two together and a few shows are successful, but it’s time to put an end to the lunacy.  The reality show bubble has burst and there are less of those around.  It’ll only be time before we see The Sing-Off along with a few others axed.

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